Born in NYC and Raised in Los Angeles California, Stash Konig has been in the lab cooking up the newest flavors in Electronic Dance Music. This young producer and DJ’s slick yet aggressive style is definitely redefining “Big Room” Progressive House Music.


I have to say, It's been a crazy past couple of years! I remember like it was yesterday, listening to DJs mix it up on the radio and thinking how awesome it would be if I could do something like that. It began with that dream of being one of those DJs. I was 16 years old when I got my first set of turntables! I will never forget the feeling of setting the needle over the record for the very first time. It was exciting and nerve recking at the same damn time! lol It's exactly what I am feeling at this moment as I announce the release of my first official single "LET IT GO" featuring Roc$tedy on BEATPORT APRIL 28TH! I hope you guys really enjoy the track and support it all the way! Thank You!

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